UK 2020
Nuno Veiga was the Assistant Director for Rambert company member Miguel Altunaga on his choreography Re(Home) at Resolution, The UK's biggest festival of choreography, at The Place .
UK 2019
The Playground Rambert
Nuno Veiga collaborated with actor George Siena, both leading a fictional Dance Marathon through improvisational tasks.

Dance Marathons were an American phenomenon from the 1920's and 1930's, and in contests of human endurance, couples danced almost non-stop for hundreds of hours, some for as long as a month or two, competing for prize money. Before the development of reality shows dance marathons blurred the line between theatre and reality. During the session the participants were guided through a series of improvisatory tasks to create characters, devise scenes and movement material that led to a final presentation based on Dance Marathons as if they existed nowadays.
UK 2014-2019


Spare Tire is a central player in the UK's participatory art landscape, having developed projects for 40-years with a variety of communities, such as adults with learning disabilities, people over 60, people with dementia and voiceless communities.


With this company, Nuno Veiga worked as a Sound Designer and Video Artist in several productions.


Directed Suspicious Minds, a project done in partnership with Lambeth Mencap.

Spare Tyre Website
UK 2017

Hands in the Dark, an immersive workshop at Skronkfest 2017 in London at The New River Studios. Ten people blindfolded and randomly seated around tables full of objects, were invited to create something with the objects, while 5 musicians improvised around the room.


Musicians: Américo Rodrigues, Kate Smith, Nuno Veiga, Thomas Tronich


In 2010, after earning a Qualified Teacher Status in the United Kingdom, Nuno Veiga went to London where he worked for three years at Norwood School. First, with the functions of Teaching Assistant, supporting students who did not have English as their mother tongue, and then as a teacher of Portuguese as a foreign language. During these three years he done several projects with these students in collaboration with the English department.

Nowadays he works as a supply teacher, replacing teachers across the London metropolitan area.


Portugal 2007




In 2007, for six months Nuno Veiga conducted at the São João National Theater, three workshops for young high school students, adults and teachers, providing a practical and theoretical approach to the Portuguese theatre director Gil Vicente. These workshops culminated with the public presentation of scenic exercises performed and interpreted by the participants.

Portugal 2008/2010







Acting teacher and theatre director at Balleteatro Professional School from 2008 to 2010

Portugal 2015



This workshop had as its starting point the question - What is Performance Art?

We tried to use and explore relationships with new technologies, either using some interactive devices created by Filipe Pais (within the artistic residency that he developed at Galeria Saguão), and also developing a collaborative process of researching the uses of technological devices. as tools in the construction of meaning and archive of performative action.



Portugal 2009

In 2009, together with Dora Bernardo, led the Luzlinar Association's first Performing Arts Residence. The residency lasted one week at Feital (Guarda), and was mostly attended by young students from higher art schools. This residence was intended to be a space for artistic experimentation, without pre-established guidelines, challenging players to break down barriers in order to explore their creativity in an uncomplicated way by blending various artistic languages.


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