UK 2019



Duo founded in Brixton, South London, with Ruido. With an experimental sound, where improvisation plays a major role in our live performances, densely manipulated soundscapes are created using field recordings, samplers and voice.

Video "Carnival of Resistance" by Nuno Veiga.

People marched in London on 13 July 2018 in opposition to Donald Trump’s UK visit.

Words by Noam Chomsky in the United Nations University, November 5th 2016 Barcelona.

This Video was selected by Cineclube de Viseu to be screened in VistaCurta Festival.

Portugal 2018
Sound from an improvisation with Sandra Oliveira, using vocals and a pan with contact mics.
Video Performance by Melina Peña/Nuno Veiga





This video was selected by Video Art Miden to be screened in Kinitiras in a special video dance & video performance and in at Videolands in MOMus - Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece.


Nuno Veiga plays improvised music mainly at SKRONK, a regular open mic event for improvising musicians. It takes place twice a month at New River Studios. Here are all the live recordings of the events.


Also played in other events across the United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy.

Here is the live recording 

at Livraria Ler Devagar_LX FACTORY
Lisbon, 2018


Filipe Sousa- Piano
Nuno Veiga- Electronics
Kate Smith- Voice and Mbira
Américo Rodrigues- Voice

UK 2019





Cojones Spirituales is an ever evolving project started by Nuno Veiga and Rick Jensen. The idea is to use Harmonicas and effects to create huge dronescapes. All you need is a harmonica, microphone and a delay or loop pedal and you can join.

Concert with Rick Jensen, Andrew Page and Jordan Devlin.